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Looking for the original and best Natural Ice Cream on the planet? You’ve found us! Oh, and we are the Ice Cream Capital on India.
You can buy Orbiyo Natural Ice Cream in 3 different packages, 250ml – 500ml – 750ml.
These natural fruits or nuts ice cream are bundle of energies in packages. OPEN and ENJOY…!!!
The sweetness of fresh-picked strawberries or the luscious first bite of watermelon that leaves juice dripping down your chin.
ORBIYO is the venture of Nagpur’s top class Cake Shop. Yes, it’s Cake-Links which is identified by Pink color.
Handpicked fruits with no preservatives added are Freezed. Freezing helps retain the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables.
Due to it’s Natural way of producing and consistence, ORBIYO is the Ice Cream Capital of India.

ABOUT USLocaly owned shop

Ice Cream Capital of INDIA

ORBIYO is a brand which is about “quality business”.A quality business is the one which keeps aligned with the fact: “Celebrate every Moment with us…” which means : We have everything for your celebration. ORBIYO’s team consider it their utmost passion to see that the vision which was at the core of the project maintains its sanctity, and therefore the expansion of the team is also done on the same principles. The founding members and ones joining in later are equally important.

The founder Lalit karemore, were experimenting for fun in the “Orange City” of nagpur when, all of a sudden it was decided to give it the shape of a business. After much experimentation and research using ingredients sourced from nature which also cost money and time, unique recipes were born. These recipes were to become the foundation of a strong business to spring forth called “ORBIYO”.


Lalit Karemore

We 're a family, literally

Lalit Karemore